World's deepest swimming pool opened in Dubai: 60 meters deep

World’s deepest swimming pool opened in Dubai: 60 meters deep

World's deepest swimming pool opened in Dubai: 60 meters deep

“Deep Dive Dubai”, the world’s deepest pool, opened its doors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located in the Nad Al Sheba district of Dubai, the pool is 60 meters deep and can hold 14 million liters of water, equivalent to six Olympic swimming pools. The pool also draws attention with its submerged underwater city, which allows divers to discover a new world.

The world’s deepest swimming pool opened in Dubai. The 60-meter-deep pool fills with 14 million liters of water. VIDEO: THE WORLD’S DEEPEST SWIMMING POOL OPENED
One of the most striking features of Deep Dive Dubai is the sunken city. Divers will be able to explore an underwater world complete with an abandoned street, apartment, garage, arcade and other interesting features.
In addition, free diving and scuba diving opportunities will be offered to those who come to the pool, as well as various courses.
Other features of the world’s deepest pool include two underwater habitats with dry chambers, 56 underwater cameras covering all angles of the pool, and an underwater sound and lighting system.
Officials announced that the pool’s water was filtered every six hours and the temperature was kept constant at 30 degrees.
Spokesperson Abdulla Bin Habtoor said: “When developing the concept and facility, we were inspired by the courage and fortitude of the UAE’s pearl diving heritage. We also hope to embody the determination of Emirati explorers and innovators, both past and present, and provide a platform for future achievements and exploration.”
On the other hand, the 1,500 square meter facility was designed to look like a giant oyster. The resort also hosts a dive shop, gift shop and various meeting, event and conference spaces. Large viewing areas on the lower floors of the building allow diners to see the underwater environment in the restaurant and other rooms.
In addition, an 80-seat restaurant, as well as a hyperbaric chamber (used to treat decompression sickness and other conditions) will open at the pool before the end of the year.
On the other hand, the pool is currently only open to users with an invitation. However, public reservations will be available at the end of July. The venue will also house the region’s largest underwater film studio, along with a media editing room and video wall.

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