Woman murder that shook England: 1 police arrested

Woman murder that shook England: 1 police arrested

The police officer, the suspect of the murder of women, who started the debate about how safe the streets are in England, has been arrested.

Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old police officer who was accused of murdering Sarah Everard, 33, who disappeared on his way home in London and whose body was found days later, is on trial.

At the hearing at London’s Westminster Court, Couzens spoke only to verify his name and personal details.

While the court decided to arrest the police officer, it was announced that the next hearing will be held on 16 March.

Meanwhile, the memorial meeting, which was planned to commemorate Sarah Everard and react to the murders of women, was canceled after the police threatened to write a penalty on the grounds that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) restrictions would be violated.


Sarah Everard disappeared on her way from her friend’s house on the evening of March 3 to her home. On March 10, the body found in Kent, near London, was identified as belonging to Everard. Police officer Wayne Couzens was detained for the kidnapping and murder.

While the Everard murder sparked a debate on how safe the streets were in the country, women expressed their fears and experiences on social media.

Stating that they did not feel safe on the street in the evening, but were also afraid to take a taxi, some users wrote that they took a photo of the license plate and sent it to their friends or family and shared their live location while using internet-based applications such as taxi or Uber.

Meanwhile, the opposition demanded that the government take tougher measures, drawing attention to the murder of 118 women in the last year.

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