WHO confirms possibility of Covid-19 transmission from humans to animals

WHO confirms possibility of Covid-19 transmission from humans to animals

While vaccination campaigns continue unabated around the world as part of the fight against Corona virus (Covid-19), an explanation came from the World Health Organization (WHO) about how Covid-19 spread between humans and animals.

WHO Russia Representative Melita Vujnovic stated that Covid-19 can be transmitted from humans to cats, dogs, mink, raccoon dogs, lions and tigers.

Stating that WHO is investigating the effects of Covid-19 on other animals, Vujnovic said, “Covid-19 spreads mainly through human-to-human transmission, but there are signs of human-to-animal transmission because Covid-19 is a zoonotic virus.”

Stating that the intermediate carrier has not yet been identified, Vujnovic said, “Positive results were detected in the Covid-19 tests of several animals that came into contact with infected people, including mink, dog, pet cat, lion, tiger and raccoon dogs. ” said.


Vujnovic, who advises people who get positive results in Covid-19 tests to limit contact with pets, said, “Currently, Covid-19 patients and people at risk are recommended to limit their contact with pets and other animals. Genetic modifications of the virus occur as Covid-19 moves between human and animal populations. it could come and these changes could have potential consequences for the disease that infects humans, ”he said.

Vujnovic also pointed out that it is important to understand which animals are most susceptible to the virus in order to identify other potential animal reservoirs and avoid future outbreaks.

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