WHO calls for vaccine donations for poor countries

WHO calls for vaccine donations for poor countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that twenty countries under threat from the coronavirus epidemic have not yet had access to any of the existing coronavirus vaccines, and called for vaccine donations to these countries “urgently”.

Calling rich countries, WHO stated that these countries should act “in accordance with their responsibilities”. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, stated that around twenty countries in question need ten million doses of vaccine urgently. The WHO Secretary General warned that the international Covax initiative is ready to supply vaccines to these countries, but the vaccine race around the world is slowing the supply.

It was planned to send 237 million doses of vaccine to poor countries through Covax by the end of May, 100 million doses of which will be produced in India. However, the India Serum Institute’s (SII) suspension of the planned shipment for March and April hit the shipment to poor countries. SII, which manufactures AstraZeneca vaccine, produces vaccines to the Covax initiative as well as producing for the local market. The government of India suspended export permits, citing the huge need for vaccines in the country. According to the information given by Covax, there are delays in the shipment of approximately 90 million vaccines, which are planned to be delivered between March and April.

Stating that bilateral agreements, export bans and vaccine nationalism disrupt the balance of the market and cause “huge imbalances” between supply and demand, WHO Secretary General Ghebreyesus said, “10 million doses are not too much and by no means enough.”


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