White House: US military self-defense of air strike in Syria

White House: US military self-defense of air strike in Syria

White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki described the air strike on Iran-backed groups in Syria on the grounds that it was linked to the Iraqi attacks as “self-defense of US troops overseas”.

Psaki evaluated the agenda and answered journalists’ questions at the press conference he held at the White House.

Criticizing that the US did not inform the members of the Congress sufficiently before the attack on Iran-backed groups in Syria, “First we talked with 8 leaders representing many committees and groups in the Congress. Then we made the necessary information. used the expression.

Psaki said, “Of course, we have done the entire legal process and investigation on the air strikes in Syria. We are sure that we have legal rights in this attack. This attack was the self-defense of US military personnel working overseas.” he spoke.


The US targeted border checkpoint facilities of Iranian-backed groups, including Ketaib Hezbollah and Ketaib Sayyid al-Shuheda, on February 26.

The Pentagon announced that these attacks were carried out in response to the attacks on Erbil Airport on February 15 and the Green Zone, the protected area of ​​Baghdad on February 22.

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