"Our communication with China continues" message from the White House

White House: Russia will definitely be asked to account for their actions

At the daily press conference he held at the White House, Psaki made statements about the US President Joe Biden’s call to the Russian Ambassador to Washington to Moscow after he said “murderer” about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Underlining that he is aware of these developments, Psaki said, “Our administration will adopt a different attitude towards Russia than the Trump administration. We will be direct in relations with Russia in the areas we are concerned about.” found the assessment.


Reminding that they published the intelligence report on the poisoning of Russian opposition Aleksey Navalnıy, Psaki said, “But we also think that there are areas where we can work together. The New Start Agreement is an example of this, nuclear disarmament is an example.” he spoke

Underlining that they will be clear against Russia on issues of concern, Psaki said, “Russia will definitely be asked to account for what they have done.” said.

Stating that Biden said in his phone call with Putin that the US would respond to the “malicious” actions of Russia, Psaki said, “Congress and others should understand that our strategy against our enemies like Russia, who are trying to divide us, will be to explain their tactics. well aware of it. ” used the expression.

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