When is 2021 Mother's Day?  (History of Mother's Day)

When is 2021 Mother’s Day? (History of Mother’s Day)

Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on different days around the world, is most commonly celebrated in the second week of May. So, when will Mother’s Day be celebrated in Turkey this year?


Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year, It will be celebrated on May 9 in 2021.

This year, most of the mothers day gift choices include bouquets, boxes of chocolates and small household appliances.


There are many rumors about where Mother’s Day originated from. The most spoken of these is a teacher named Anna Jarvis, who lives in the US state of Virginia, and wanted to celebrate her mother who passed away in 1905 every year.

This celebration took place for the first time in 1908 at a school with 407 children and their mothers. Anna’s initiative was not approved and formalized by the House of Representatives. Anna shared this situation with prominent names of media and politicians, and as a result of these efforts, the second Sunday of 1914 was declared as Mother’s Day. After a while, Anna, who saw that the mother’s day was commercializing, filed lawsuits but could not win any of them.

On the other hand, Mother’s Day tradition has a place in Greek mythology of Ancient Greeks. This special day begins with the annual spring festival celebrations in honor of Rhea, the mother of many gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. The ancient Romans also celebrated their spring festivals in honor of the mother goddess Cybele, 250 years before the birth of Christ.

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