Visa procedures for tourists going to Malta from Turkey resumed

Visa procedures for tourists going to Malta from Turkey resumed

As of June 23 Malta Consulate General in Istanbul It accepts applications from all provinces across Turkey. Persons who want to obtain a visa can start their procedures with a completely filled visa application form.

European UnionIn Malta, which was the first country to start vaccinating individuals over the age of 16 in i, herd immunity was achieved much earlier than anticipated. The 12-17 age group was also included in the successful vaccination process. The island of Malta has the world’s highest vaccination rate, according to Fortune magazine’s COVID-19 global vaccine tracking report. In the country with a population of half a million, 80.9 percent of the population is vaccinated at least once, while 70 percent of the adult population is fully vaccinated. Malta has achieved a serious reduction in the new COVID-19 with its National Vaccination Programme. The number of daily cases and daily deaths in the country has reached a standstill.

All businesses hosting tourists in Malta work closely with various local and international stakeholders to implement the new health and safety measures. In this context, businesses were awarded the “Safe Travel” stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council. In this context, Valletta Cruise Port, a part of Global Ports Holding, was awarded the “Safe Travel” stamp.

Current travel requirements applicable to all travelers visiting Malta:

Passengers traveling to Malta by air or sea must fill out a passenger health form before boarding and upon arrival, and have a negative result (-) made up to 72 hours before entry into Malta.PCR) It is necessary to have a Covid-19 test. (Passengers aged 5+) Since everyone over the age of 12+ is vaccinated in Malta, children aged 12-17 must also be presented with a certificate of vaccination upon arrival.

From 1 June 2021, the QR code is clearly visible instead of a negative PCR result upon entry, Malta Public Health Inspector A certificate of vaccination recognized and approved by the National Institutes of Health and 14 days after the last dose of vaccination may also be submitted. (EU Digital Certificate or UK NHS certificate, which has completed two doses of vaccination and 14 days past the last dose is also valid) Visitors from countries that are on the Amber list and have one of these certificates (Turkey is on the Amber list) are not allowed to travel without the need for PCR testing is given.

If one of the test results or vaccination certificate is not presented with the health form, the passenger may not be allowed to enter the plane. All passengers aged 5+ who do not meet these requirements are required to undergo a fee-based PCR test and 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Malta, according to law LN229 of 2021. The cost of the test is 120 €, and the accommodation fee related to the mandatory quarantine is 100 € per night. The Passenger Health Form, which is required for all passengers from countries on the Amber list, can be obtained from this link.

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