Vaccine offer from Russia to North Korea facing famine

Vaccine offer from Russia to North Korea facing famine

Russia has offered to send vaccines and medical supplies to North Korea.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who made contacts in Laos, made statements regarding North Korea at the press conference he held yesterday.

Pointing out that North Korea has closed the borders due to epidemic measures and the risk of famine has arisen in the country, Lavrov stated that they can help in the fight against the corona virus.

Expressing that they can convey assistance to the North Korean administration through Russia’s ambassador, Lavrov said, “Our embassy reports the situation in the country. We have full knowledge of the situation in the country. We have said many times that our embassy contacts with representatives of the North Korean leadership that we are ready to help if necessary. This is of course vaccinations and It also applies to medical supplies,” he said.


North Korean leader Kim Yong-un said in a statement last month that the grain production plan could not be fulfilled due to the flood disasters in 2020, and as a result, the food situation in the country was “worrying”.

While the North Korean leader urged party officials to find ways to increase agricultural production, he noted that he would extend quarantine restrictions due to the corona virus outbreak despite the economic crisis.

As North Korea closed its border with its biggest trading partner, China, due to Covid-19, the food crisis in the country gradually deepened. There is a shortage of drugs in the country, which also has a weak medical infrastructure.

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