Vaccine deal sparks government crisis in Slovakia

Vaccine deal sparks government crisis in Slovakia

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic’s agreement with Russia to get the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine Sputnik V without meeting with other partners of the government led to a government crisis.

In the coalition government consisting of OLANO (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities Party), SME-RODIA (We Are Family), SAS (Freedom and Solidarity Party) and ZA LUDI (For the People) parties, Prime Minister Matovic’s ruling partner 3 parties without consultation. Consecutive resignations took place in response to the vaccine deal with Russia in March.

The Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Richard Sulik of the SAS Party announced that Prime Minister Matovic had resigned from his duties, claiming that he “had no capacity to govern the country”.

Previously, the Minister of Labor, Youth and Family Milan Krajniak of the ZA LUDI Party resigned and called for the Prime Minister to leave his post because he received vaccines from Russia despite his ruling partners.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Matovic announced yesterday that if the coalition partners agree to resign from their current ministries, he will leave his post in order to maintain stability in the country.

Experts commented that the long-standing tensions in the four-party coalition government have climbed to the top with the vaccine issue, and that the move Matovic will take after the move of Deputy Prime Minister Sulik, who left his post after the Prime Minister’s call to resign, will determine whether the government will continue or not.

Experts also state that 4 parties, which have been in power for about a year, are not in favor of holding early elections.

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