Vaccine chaos in Italy |  NTV

Vaccine chaos in Italy | NTV

Şeyda Canepa / NTV – Milan

In the vaccination campaign, which started in December in Italy, which has the oldest population in Europe, only 40 percent of those over the age of 80 have been vaccinated so far. Prioritizing categories such as teachers, lawyers, journalists, sports instructors before the right holders over the age of 80, who are in the Corona virus risk categories, has been a matter of discussion.

In Italy, the local government of each region has created lists containing risk categories. Call centers have been established to allow those who are eligible for vaccination to make an appointment based on the guidelines set by the central government. However, problems continue to be experienced throughout the country in terms of both the categories that are entitled to the corona virus vaccine and the organization.

According to March 21 data, 7 million 800 thousand vaccine doses were made in Italy with a population of 60 million. A total of 5.6 percent of the population was vaccinated, of which 2 million 840 thousand were the second dose. Approximately 48 million people over the age of 16 are waiting to be vaccinated. Among these, the most difficult are those who cannot leave their homes due to health problems and the elderly who cannot make an appointment online because they do not know how to use technology.
Some volunteer associations, especially in the Lombardia region, went home and became a pioneer to vaccinate, but not enough vaccines were available.

In Lombardia, which has been shown as the most successful region in the Italian health system until recently, thousands of people could not be vaccinated last weekend due to the malfunctions in the central appointment system established for vaccination appointments. The medical personnel who were ready to vaccinate in hospitals in the region waited in vain. It turned out that the call center did not call or refer anyone at the weekend. The head of the center was dismissed.

On the other hand, although schools and especially universities are closed, there are discussions about the vaccination of teachers before the elderly. Likewise, some local governments added professional groups such as lawyers and journalists to the risk category. It has been reported to the Italian press that more than ever before, complaints from the elderly have been received by letter. Not only the elderly, but also those caring for them come first in the list of risk categories specified in the vaccination campaign. Caregivers and children of the elderly are included in this category. This category, which concerns a total of 7 million people, is on the list with the English term ‘care giver’. However, sometimes those in this category are vaccinated before the elderly. Those who seek the last dose of vaccines by doctors also pose a separate problem.

Although a famous journalist whose mother and father were over 80 declared that he was in the ‘care giver’ category, the photo he published on his social media account in a hotel in a luxury resort, far away from the region where his parents lived, became the subject of a polemic. Journalist Andrea Scanzi, writer and television commentator of the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper, defended herself by saying that she was registered as a care giver on the last dose vaccine reserve list and complied with the procedure, on the grounds that she was responsible for looking after her parents.

However, an investigation was initiated by the prosecutor’s office about the people involved, especially the doctor who vaccinated him. In addition, the reserve list in the Toscana Region, where the journalist was vaccinated, was examined by the public health control inspectors affiliated with the Gendarmerie. It was stated that sports teachers, models and musicians were among those who were vaccinated even though they were not entitled. On the other hand, it turned out that only 5 percent of the beneficiaries over the age of 80 in the region were vaccinated.

General Francesco Paolo Figliolo, who was appointed by the government to combat the corona virus, put the last point and gave instructions that the last dose of vaccines should be used. However, there is uncertainty and even chaos in this regard, since a reserve list is not created on a joint basis by authorized persons and authorities, especially family doctors.

Especially because the Pfizer vaccine should be 6 doses and the doses should be consumed within 6 hours, instead of the right holders who did not come to the appointment, sometimes among those on the reserve list, sometimes those who were on the ‘right place and right time’, who were among the acquaintances of the healthcare personnel, but were not entitled, were vaccinated. After such news, the number of people who went to the front of vaccination centers and asked for ‘increased dose’ increased.

The government has started work on the introduction of a central appointment system as of today. In addition, it was decided to activate the night shift for the vaccination. With the new system, the vaccination of the elderly is expected to accelerate. In an interview with the world-renowned Italian virologist Ilaria Capua Corriere della Sera, working at the University of Florida, she once again stated that vaccination of the elderly is the most important factor in the fight against corona virus.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who plays an active role in accelerating the work on vaccine supply and vaccine production before Europe, called Merkel and Macron and held talks before the European Council summit to be held tomorrow. Draghi is also in talks with the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, on what needs to be done to combat the corona virus. In Italy, 1 million 700 thousand vaccines were deficient due to delays and cancellations caused by pharmaceutical companies.

Approximately 50 million doses of vaccine are expected to arrive in Italy between March and June. General Figliolo said in the morning hours that 4.5 million doses of vaccine are expected within 10 days.

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