US Vice President Harris' plane makes a forced landing

US Vice President Harris’ plane makes a forced landing

Air Force 2, the plane carrying US Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala, returned to the base when it malfunctioned shortly after taking off from Andrews Air Force Base in Washington.

Harris took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Washington at 2:30 PM local time to make an official visit to Guatemala.

The aircraft made a forced landing at the base shortly after takeoff due to technical failure.

Symone Sanders, spokesperson for Vice President Harris, told reporters on the plane that they returned to base due to a technical malfunction on the plane and that they would change the plane and continue on their way.

“It’s a technical issue. It’s nothing big to worry about,” Sanders said.

Making a statement to reporters later, Harris said, “I’m fine, I’m fine. We had to pray a little, but we’re all fine.”

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