US Secretary of State Blinken calls on the Eastern Mediterranean

US Secretary of State Blinken calls on the Eastern Mediterranean

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said peaceful solutions to the conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean should be found within the framework of international law.

Blinken gave an interview to Euronews on the last day of their Brussels contacts and evaluated his visit.

Stating that the meetings between the USA and the allies within the scope of the European Union (EU) and NATO increased, Blinken said that their meetings in Brussels were very productive and that both partnership issues and some differences were discussed clearly.

Blinken, the assessment made in the eastern Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey for the last case, the tension in the region in recent years is slowly fell and noted that both countries keep away from provocation.

Pointing out that NATO plays an important role in this regard, Blinken said, “We need to see that there are peaceful solutions to these differences according to international law.”

Blinken also emphasized that the issue of sharing natural resources in the region should be a topic that will bring the relevant countries together and said, “The joint use of these resources and joint investments should bring the countries together.

Turkey S-400 are voicing concern that the re-take Blinken, said that these and similar issues, but they believe the dispute could be resolved through dialogue.

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