US Secretary of State Blinken announces foreign policy priorities

US Secretary of State Blinken announces foreign policy priorities

In his speech at the State Department, Blinken explained the foreign policy priorities of the US President Joe Biden’s administration.

Explaining that one of these priorities is the fight against the new type of Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic and global health security, Blinken stated that reversing the global economic recession and re-glorifying democracy are among the important priorities.

Blinken, stating that they will promote democracy globally, “But we will not try to glorify democracy with expensive military interventions or attempts to overthrow authoritarian regimes by force. We used these tactics in the past. But despite good intentions they failed. They gave a bad reputation to the glorification of democracy and the American people. “We will do things differently.” he spoke.


Explaining that Biden will give priority to diplomacy over military power, the US minister stated that his country has learned heavy lessons from wars and that the American people are tired of the long-lasting US interventions.

Noting that they see that military power plays a limited role in building a lasting peace, especially after the interventions in Afghanistan and the Middle East, Blinken said, “When we have to use military force in the future, it is only if our goals and missions are clear and achievable, our values ​​are consistent with our laws and “We will do it within the consent of the American people. And we will do it together with diplomacy.”


Blinken, who considers the struggle of the USA with China as an important priority, defined China’s relations with the USA as “the biggest geopolitical test of the 21st century”.

Blinken stated that the US has faced many tests in the world, from Russia to Iran, from Mynamar to Ethiopia, “But the test put forward by China is very different from all of them.” said.

Stating that the US relations with China will be competitive, collaborative and hostile when necessary, Blinken said, “China is seriously committed to a stable and open international system and the rules, values ​​and relations that make the world the way we want it to be economic, diplomatic, military and technological. is the only country that can challenge. ” he spoke.

Blinken pointed out that tackling climate change and pioneering emerging technologies are also important priorities of US foreign policy.

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