Biden: Our war against Covid-19 is far from over

US President Biden: Today we reached 200 million vaccines

Within the scope of efforts to combat Corona virus (Covid-19), many countries, including the USA, continue their vaccination campaigns uninterruptedly. In his press release, US President Joe Biden noted that on the 92nd day in the Presidency, 200 million people were vaccinated in the USA and that the goal of vaccinating 200 million people was reached on the 100th day of his duty.

Biden said, “When the vaccine data of tomorrow are released, it will show that we have achieved this today. Today we reached the number of 200 million vaccines on the 92nd day in the office. 200 million vaccines in 100 days, actually under 100 days. An incredible success for the nation.

Stating that the main goal of his administration was to administer 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days on duty, Biden said, “When I took office, it would take more than 220 days, almost seven, 7, 7.5 months to reach the number of vaccinations at the pace we progressed. Instead of marking this milestone in April, at the earliest September. We could not see it until the beginning of the month. I am proud of the work my administration has done to vaccinate the Americans. But more than that, I am proud of the people of the USA, “he noted.


Calling on US companies to allow their employees to vaccinate, President Biden announced a tax credit that could compensate for the costs of those leaves. Stating that many working citizens in the vaccination campaign were concerned about not getting permission from the companies they work for, Biden said, “One of the concerns I hear from many Americans when switching to the vaccination campaign focusing on working-age adults is that they do not get permission to get vaccinated or they feel a little bad after being vaccinated. it was to lose, “he said.

Noting that working Americans should not lose their salaries because they participate in the vaccination campaign, Biden said, “No working US should lose even 1 dollar from the paycheck because he chooses to fulfill a patriotic duty such as vaccination.”


Biden pointed to 2 businesses that are doing their part to encourage vaccinations, including Kroger’s offering of $ 100 for vaccinations to their employees and a small hair salon in Ohio where the receptionist helps their clients schedule appointments. To make sure that “the policy costs nothing to small or medium-sized businesses with less than 500 employees,” Biden announced, the US Revenue Service (IRS) will publish instructions on how employers can get reimbursement for their costs in providing vaccinated employees with paid leave. Biden said, “This repayment, which comes with a tax payment, is provided by the program I started in the Covid-19 Support Package. Again, for this reason, every employee needs to take paid leave to be vaccinated. Businesses can provide this without damaging the final profit-loss household. he said.


In his speech, President Biden, who encouraged all Americans to vaccinate to protect themselves against Covid-19, said, “To put it simply, if you are waiting for your turn, do not wait any longer. Now is the time for everyone over the age of 16 to get vaccinated.”

Pointing out that the majority of US adults are unvaccinated, Biden outlined 2 reasons why all Americans should be vaccinated, saying that they are saving lives and protecting communities. Biden also stated that vaccines will be available in about 40,000 pharmacies across the country.


Biden noted that the United States is in the process of helping countries with Covid-19 vaccines and that they do not have enough confidence to send them abroad at the moment. Biden said, “We are in the process of doing this. We are looking at what to do with some vaccines that we do not use. We want to make sure their shipment is safe and we hope to be able to provide assistance and value to countries around the world. We talked to our neighbors. Canadian Prime Minister. We helped a little more there. We will try to help a little more, but we do.” “There are other countries. I am sure we can help to include Central America – but this is in progress. We don’t have enough confidence to send it abroad now. I hope we can do that.”


Biden pointed out that as long as the Americans remain vigilant and continue to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the United States is on track to achieve its goal of getting together on a small scale on July 4, Independence Day. In his speech, Biden pointed out that 200 million people in the USA were vaccinated against Covid-19, “On March 11, I determined a vision of what the USA could look like until July 4. It is much closer to normal life and more than 1 year. a USA we left behind a while ago. We are on the right track towards this goal. In the past weeks since then, more than 120 million people have been vaccinated since I announced the July 4th proposal. grandfather can hug his grandchildren again, ”he noted.

On the other hand, in the vaccination data in the USA published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was stated that 198.4 million doses of vaccine were administered in the USA under the management of Biden. However, it was stated that these figures announced by the CDC show the doses reported as of 06:00 local time this morning, and there was always a delay in the reported doses.

In addition, the first 100 million dose vaccine target determined by Biden in December was reached in 58 days.

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