US poll: Trump not responsible for immigration crisis Biden

US poll: Trump not responsible for immigration crisis Biden

44 percent of Hill-HarrisX’s 24-26 March survey said President Biden was responsible for the problem with immigrants flocking across the Mexican border to cross to the United States, while only 28 percent pointed to former President Trump. .

Twenty percent of those who responded to the same question found both sides equally guilty about the border issue, while a group of 7 percent said they believed the cause of the problem was not related to either side.

While 73 percent of the respondents who stated that they were Republicans kept the current government problematic due to the situation at the border of the country, only 46 percent of the Democratic party participants reported that they found the crime in Trump administration.

In a study conducted by CNN, it was stated that the number of immigrants who will enter the USA through the Mexican border until September 30 could exceed 2 million and this figure marks a record.

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