US government: 12 people are generating anti-vaccine misinformation

US government: 12 people are generating anti-vaccine misinformation

“There are about 12 people on social media platforms producing 65 percent of anti-vaccine misinformation,” US White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a press conference on Thursday, referring to the report provided by the Digital Anti-Hate Center (CCDH).

CCDH, on the other hand, called on social media companies and stated that these 12 accounts should be closed.

The statement made by the White House during its press conference on Thursday was based on the CCDH’s report containing statistical information published in March.

Spokesperson Jen Psaki, quoting the report, stated that there are 12 accounts that spread false information about the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the report titled “The Dozen of Disinformation (false information)” conducted in March by the non-profit organization CCDH, a US-UK partnership, it was claimed that these 12 people deliberately spread anti-Covid-19 anti-vaccine information from their social media accounts and profited.

The report states that these 12 people, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., were “selected because they have a large number of followers, produce a high amount of anti-vaccine content, or have seen rapid growth in their social media accounts in the last two months.”

‘Responsible for 73 percent of anti-vaccine discourses on FACEBOOK’

While summarizing the findings of the analysis in its report, CCDH said, “An analysis of the anti-vaccine content sample that was shared or posted a total of 812,000 times on Facebook and Twitter between February 1 and March 16, 2021 shows that 65 percent of anti-vaccine content is attributable to the Disinformation Dozen.”

It was claimed that social media platforms did not take action on 95 percent of complaints containing false information about Covid-19 and the vaccine.

Stressing that the power of these 12 people should not be underestimated, CCDH claimed that it was responsible for 73 percent of the anti-vaccine discourses spread only on Facebook.

Regarding the dissemination of anti-vaccine information that will affect human health, CCDH said, “The most effective and efficient way to stop the spread of harmful information is to remove the most visible repeat offenders from the platform, which we call the Disinformation Dozen. “This should also include entities they control or finance, as well as backup accounts they have created to avoid being banned.”

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