4th Palestinian session at UNSC: France will present ceasefire bill

UNSC Cilvegözü decision | NTV

In the voting held in the closed session of the UNSC, it was unanimously accepted that the Cilvegözü Border Gate, which was described as a “cross-border aid mechanism to Syria”, would remain open for one more year.

Cilvegözü, the only border crossing point in northwest Syria that reached approximately 5 million people and where vital international humanitarian aid supplies were sent, was at risk of being closed as of tomorrow if Russia blocked it.

Since 2014, the UN has been reaching close to 5 million people, especially in Idlib, in the northwest of Syria, with the mechanism authorized by UNSC resolutions that allow international aid to be provided to Syria.

Until 2020, international humanitarian aid such as food, medicine, medical and hygiene materials will be sent from 4 border gates, 2 of which are from Turkey; Upon Russia’s veto and objections, the number of border gates was first reduced to 2, and then Russia approved that only the Cilvegözü Border Gate be kept open for one more year.

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