United Nations report: Other problems caused by Covid-19 caused the death of 228 thousand children in South Asia

United Nations report: Other problems caused by Covid-19 caused the death of 228 thousand children in South Asia

United Nations (UN) According to the new report published by, in South Asian countries, the report containing the damage caused by Covid-19 itself, as well as the problems caused by other services, was published.

In the report, Covid-19 It was reported that 228 thousand children died during the period, especially due to problems in health services.


The study, based on Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, where approximately 1.8 billion people live, revealed that women, children and adolescents were most affected by other problems caused by Covid-19.

While approximately 13 million Covid-19 cases have been detected in South Asia so far, more than 186 thousand people have died from the virus.

While strict quarantine measures were implemented in the region during Covid-19, almost every part of the countries except hospitals, pharmacies and greengrocers was closed.

In the report titled ‘The Covid-19 Outbreak and its Response in South Asia, Direct and Indirect Effects’, the United Nations examined the impact of government strategies on healthcare, social services, including schools, and the economy.

It was stated that 228 thousand children under the age of five were estimated to have lost their lives in the six countries studied, due to the cessation of vital services, from nutritional assistance to vaccination.


The report stated that the number of children undergoing malnutrition treatment fell by more than 80 percent in Bangladesh and Nepal, while it fell 35 percent and 65 percent in India and Pakistan, respectively.

The report also stated that in 2020, child mortality increased by 15.4 percent in India and reached the highest level at the country level, while it was reported that there was a 13 percent increase in child mortality in Bangladesh.

In the report, which stated that those suffering from other diseases were also affected due to the interruption of health services, it was predicted that there will be 5 thousand 943 more deaths among young people who cannot be treated due to tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid and HIV / Aids throughout the region.

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