Uneasy normalization in the UK |  NTV

Uneasy normalization in the UK | NTV

The physical distance rule has been removed. Nightclubs have been opened, events where crowds gather are now allowed. England took the step of normalization in the shadow of the discussions.

On the day defined as the Freedom Day, the barriers to socialization were lifted. Number restrictions in indoor and outdoor spaces have been completely removed. Theaters and cinemas will be able to serve at full capacity.

At well-attended events, organizers will be encouraged to meet requirements for getting two doses of the vaccine, passing the disease, or having a negative test.

In the country, it is no longer necessary to wear a mask, but it is recommended. The opposition-held municipalities, especially in London, continue to require masks in areas such as public transport.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in quarantine on the day of normalization. Prime Minister Johnson and Treasury Secretary Rushi Sunak had to isolate themselves because they were in contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who contracted the Corona virus.

Johnson and Sunak first announced that they will be involved in a pilot application that is tested every day to get rid of the quarantine. However, upon the intense reactions, they made a u-turn and decided to quarantine.

He organized an anti-vaccine and anti-quarantine demonstration in London on Freedom Day. Police intervened in the demonstrators.

With the transition to normal life in England, concerns have also increased. Experts are worried that the number of cases, which has reached the highest levels of the last 6 months by seeing over 50 thousand, will reach 200 thousand with normalization. Prime Minister Johnson urged the public to use their freedoms carefully.

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