Oxford Professor compared the fight against corona virus to chess: It is difficult to predict in what direction it will change

Two new mutations of Covid-19 detected in Russia

It was announced that two new mutations of Covid-19 were detected in Russia.

In the statement made by the Head of the Russian Human Health and Consumer Rights Protection Service Anna Popova, “We are currently observing new mutations that we have not yet identified,” saying, “These new mutations are very different from those seen outside of Russia”.


In his statement at the meeting held at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Popova stated that the mutations are called ‘Siberian mutation’ and ‘Northwest mutation’ and stated that the Siberian mutation was noticed before, but it did not pose a risk.


With 8 thousand 632 new corona virus cases detected in the country in the last 24 hours, the number of cases seen so far has increased to 4 million 710 thousand 690. The number of people who died in the country from the corona virus increased to 105 thousand 928.

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