Covid-19 'antibody cocktail' drug reported to be 81 percent protective

Turkish expert in the US warns: California variant is spreading fast enough to compete with the UK variant

Both of both England and then the world becomes dominant variant also now in Turkey was followed closely by the world science variant California and India. While the Californian variant raises concerns because of its ability to spread rapidly enough to compete with the UK variant, the “double mutation” Indian variant, which is seen in the USA and England outside of India, is watched with concern because the immunity called T cell can escape from memory cells.

In India, where the daily number of cases reached 300 thousand, studies are continuing to determine whether the Indian variant, which is detected in the state of Maharashtra in the west of the country and which is reported to carry two unusual mutations of the corona virus “E484Qö and” L425R, cause more deaths and a faster increase in the number of cases. . Turkish Scientist and Immunology Specialist Prof. Dr. Bülent Özpolat made important statements to Demirören News Agency about the new variants, which are closely followed by the world.


Explaining that the California variant, which was closely monitored by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was added to the “worrying” variants. Dr. “CDC recently added the Californian variant among the worrisome variants. Previously, the British variant, the South African variant and the Brazilian variant were followed as worrying variants. Now two Californian variants, named B.1.427 / B.1.429, are also of concern. the transmitter has been added to the table.

Because the California variant was found to have a mutation in the crown-shaped part of the virus, which we call spike protein, at the point of attachment to the human cell, and it was understood that this enabled the virus to bind to the cell more tightly and enter the cell more effectively. At the same time, it enables the virus to divide faster within the cell. Therefore, it increases the risk of infection and contamination even more, “he said.


The Minister of Health recently announced that Turkey also seen in California where several people variants 2-3 weeks ago in studies in the United States, pointing to the frequency determined as 56 percent in California Professor Dr. Özpolat said, “In the same period, the English variant was 10 percent. It was observed that this variant was spread at a rate that could compete with the fast spreading England variant. Currently, 14 variants are followed in the United States, and among these variants, the most common British variant was determined with a rate of 30 percent. “The Californian variant is also included in a few variants. It is also found to be about 20 percent common. These are studies 2-3 weeks ago. It thinks it has increased rapidly. So the CDC has added the California variant to its worrying list.”


Noting that the variant in India also contains mutations that are watched with concern, Prof. Dr. Özpolat gave the following information: “The variant in India contains two mutations. One of the mutations is the same as the mutation in the California variant. Therefore, it is thought that this too can divide faster (inside the cell) and bind more tightly to the human cell. Since the virus binds to the cell more tightly than the virus form, more viruses can enter the human cell, the virus entering the cell can divide faster, thus increasing the risk of infection. corona cases were found to be 20 percent in the regions. It is considered as one of the reasons for the increase in cases here. “


Emphasizing that the Indian variant has also been detected in the USA, Prof. Dr. Özpolat continued his words as follows:

“A few weeks ago, Stanford University found that this variant in India was seen in a few cases in San Francisco, California. When we look at the vaccines in terms of vaccines, it is thought that mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna will also be protective against these variants. But the effect on real cases also needs to be demonstrated. These are just preliminary studies. According to current knowledge, it looks like the South African variant that can escape vaccines. But the South African variant (yet) is not a very common version. It is less than 1 percent in America. Israel. According to the data here, mRNA vaccines may not be effective against the South African variant. The most important feature of the variant in India is that the mutation seen in this variant can escape the immunity created by T cells known as memory cells. But these are still theories and need to be proven by studies. “


Stating that the most important reason for the emergence of these mutations is the higher capacity of RNA viruses (such as AIDS virus HIV and influenza virus other than corona virus) to make mistakes, Prof. Dr. Özpolat said that the more these viruses spread to the hosts, the more mutations they underwent by making mistakes while reproducing, and added:

“There are more mutations in RNA viruses. Of course, mutations can be seen in places where the virus is contagious, by infecting too many people. Because the more the virus multiplies, divides, copies itself, the risk of making mistakes increases. Therefore, mutations are in regions where the number of cases is very high. more emerges. India variants were seen in areas where British variant of the most contaminated happened. Therefore, if in Turkey in these last days in the increase in number of daily cases will continue this often, is likely to have increased a mutation specific to Turkey. so required The good news is that according to the studies published recently, these are not patient studies, but in-vitro studies conducted in the laboratory, especially mRNA vaccines are effective against these viruses, including the California variant.


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