Turkey releases from the EU High Representative Borrell

Turkey releases from the EU High Representative Borrell

The European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative Josep Borrell last week’s recalling that the EU Leaders Summit until the migration from the Customs Union with Turkey be decided to work in areas of common interest, “to obtain a more constructive attitude and to perpetuate it we must continue to work actively with Turkey, “the assessment found.

Borrell, “High Voltage Diplomatic Week” titled blog post last week the EU and Russia, said that China and Turkey come forward with their relationship.

Reminding that Russia and China have joined forces against the Western world, the EU has decided to sanction some officials of this country due to its practices against Uyghur Turks in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and wrote that the rejection of democratic values ​​lies at the basis of the rapprochement of Russia and China.

“In another aspect, namely before the many tensions found that Turkey-EU relations if the news is better than a little bit” Borrell uses the phrase, said early last week EU foreign affairs public discourse during a meeting with ministers and they had agreed to an improvement in the situation in the eastern Mediterranean.

Borrell also they saw worrying developments such as lawsuits and leave for Turkey’s Istanbul Convention hdp’n the closure of Turkey’s internal affairs, he said.

All this and the Cyprus issue, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, with last week’s article Brussels said that they spoke visit Borrell said, “I’m convinced now that obtaining a more constructive attitude and we must continue to work actively with Turkey to sustain it” gave in a statement.

Borrell, Turkey’s constructive attitude considering the EU countries in areas of common interest up to immigration from Turkey Customs Union with the leaders stressed that they had agreed to target engagement. This gradual, proportional and “Turkey in a reversible manner enters a confrontation path” Borrelli did they express all these issues and broader regional issues in East Mediterranean Conference it would no longer work effectively.

“Turkey’s more constructive manner is one of the key issues that we need to work in Libya.” Using his expression, Borrell recalled that after 10 years of conflict, Libya has a unity government and a chance of political transition.

Borrell, Turkey is an important actor in Libya, noting that now need to look at what you can do in addition to observing the ceasefire, including the UN, the EU if requested by Libya.

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