Turkey Description of the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

Turkey Description of the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

Stoltenberg held a press conference after the first day’s sessions of the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting. Stoltenberg, a question on Turkey’s S-400 systems that are concerned about the purchase, and before stating that expressed it, in the eastern Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey in order to reduce the tension a separation procedures mechanism in NATO reminded established.

Reminiscent of the NATO presence in the Aegean Sea Stoltenberg, so in Turkey, Greece and the EU has come together on immigration, he said that the situation has helped the implementation of the agreement between Turkey and the EU.

NATO’s handling of differences and noted that provide a platform for resolving disputes Stoltenberg “At the same time, Turkey’s need to keep in mind that it is an important ally. Here’s the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, and has played an important role in the international fight against terrorism. no other allies until Turkey does not host the refugees. ” said.


Stressing the issue of Afghanistan, Stoltenberg emphasized that the US wants to revive the Afghanistan peace process, they are realistic at the same time and there is no guarantee that the peace talks will be successful.

Calling on the parties to negotiate in good faith, to be constructive and not to miss the opportunity, Stoltenberg asked international actors to support the process. Stoltenberg continued as follows:

“We had a constructive meeting on this issue at today’s meeting. A decision on Afghanistan, we want to see how evolved the cause of the peace process, we do not provide. The new meeting will be held. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Afghanistan has offered to host a meeting to support the peace process. The Allies also Afghan security forces At the moment, the most important thing for allies is to coordinate, consult and take decisions together and act together. “

Regarding Afghanistan, “There is no easy solution. We must be ready for all options.” Stoltenberg said that all NATO Foreign Ministers supported reviving the Afghanistan peace process.

“We went to Afghanistan together. We will arrange together and when the time is right we will leave together,” Stoltenberg said. used the expression.


Stoltenberg, who was asked to evaluate the North Stream 2 project, which was carried out for Germany to buy natural resources from Russia and was opposed by the USA, said that there are different opinions about this project within NATO.

Reminding that not only the US but also other members criticized the project, Stoltenberg said, “We focus on diversification of supply. This includes energy supply security. But we do not have a position on North Stream 2.” he spoke.

Stoltenberg also said that they discussed the NATO 2030 initiative at today’s meeting, offered to increase NATO’s budget, and discussed cooperation issues with the Middle East and North African countries.

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