Trump calls for a boycott of the baseball league that took "All Star" games apart from Georgia

Trump calls for a boycott of the baseball league that took “All Star” games apart from Georgia

Trump asked Americans to boycott the MLB, which decided to move baseball games out of the state in response to the state of Georgia, where photo ID photocopies are required for those who want to vote by mail in the elections.

“Baseball is already losing an enormous number of fans and now they are separating their All-Star games from Atlanta because they fear radical-left Democrats who do not want the much-needed voter identity,” said Trump in a written call for a boycott by Save America PAC. statements were included.

MLB Federation President Robert Manfred said in a statement that “MLB basically supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions at the ballot box,” evaluating their decision as “the best way to show values ​​as a sport”. said.


In the last presidential election held in the USA on November 3, 2020, Democrats’ candidate Joe Biden surpassed Trump in Georgia by 12,000 votes. The result was also registered in the re-counts following Trump’s objection.

As no candidate could exceed 50 percent in the elections, the election was repeated in accordance with the rules of the state, and as a result, the Democrat senators won two seats in the Senate.

According to the new election law signed by Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, it is now mandatory for those who wish to vote by mail in the elections to put a copy of their photo ID in the envelope along with the ballot paper.

Republicans say the law is necessary to restore confidence in the Georgia elections, while Democrats argue that it will restrict voters’ access to vote.

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