Tourism attack from Maldives: It will offer two doses of vaccine to foreign tourists

Tourism attack from Maldives: It will offer two doses of vaccine to foreign tourists

According to CNBC’s report, the Maldives takes the tourism success story of the Covid-19 outbreak to a new level: The island country in the Indian Ocean has announced that it will start offering corona virus vaccine to tourists.

However, the plan in question will not start right away. According to the proposal, vaccines will only be offered to tourists after the country’s 530,000 population has been vaccinated. According to the vaccine statistics of the countries of The New York Times, 6.8 percent of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated as of April 20. This means that the Maldives administered a total of 313,363 doses or 61 doses of vaccine per 100 people.


However, the plan to vaccinate tourists is under the auspices of Tourism Minister Dr. It came as part of Abdulla Mausoom’s approach to “3V tourism”: visiting, vaccination and vacation. Tourists will be able to get two doses of vaccine, Mausoom reports. However, it is not yet clear which vaccine will be given to visitors and whether they will pay for the vaccine themselves.

On the other hand, the Maldives reported more than 26 thousand cases, with 70 deaths from Covid-19 to date. The country, which closed its borders at the beginning of the epidemic, was reopened to all tourists in July. In September, passengers were required to have a negative PCR test at arrival, but passengers were not placed in quarantine.


While the Maldives hosted 1.7 million international visitors in 2019, these numbers have dropped significantly due to the pandemic last year. According to the data of the Ministry of Tourism, as of December 17, only 500,000 foreign tourists visited the country.

Maldives, on the other hand, is not the only country to discuss and implement various measures to get a quick start in tourism. Last month, Seychelles announced it would open borders to visitors without the need for quarantine or vaccination. Thailand announced that it would allow visitors to stay in quarantine on their yachts in order to attract tourists to their beaches. On April 19, New Zealand and Australia launched a travel balloon that allowed them to travel between the two countries without quarantine.


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