Three-headed duck came out of an unnamed cargo box

Three-headed duck came out of an unnamed cargo box

Brent Braaten, who lives in Halifax, Canada, encountered a parcel when he opened his door in the morning. Braaten was stunned when he opened the parcel sent to him. A 3-head frozen duckling came out of an unnamed cargo package that came to Braaten from China.

Speaking to the Canadian media about the incident, Braaten said, “I don’t know who sent the parcel, but the address of the sender is from China. “When I gathered my courage to open the package, I was startled when I saw what came out of it.”


Braaten stated that the “instructions for use” came out of the package. Stating that the instructions included keeping the ‘product’ in the room for 48 hours and drying with a hair dryer, Braaten said that the price of the product was between $ 80-200 (600-1500 TL) in an online research.

They attacked them saying “ why don’t you bring my cargo home ”

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