The phenomenon is a 50-year-old male biker turned

The phenomenon is a 50-year-old male biker turned

Female biker phenomenon turns out to be a 50-year-old man

The female biker who went viral in Japan turned out to be a 50-year-old man. “I did it to become famous on the Internet,” said ‘fake phenomenon’.

The user named @azusagakuyuki on Twitter recently reached more than 20 thousand followers with the poses he gave with a racing motorcycle.
The user who shared photos from his trips with a Yamaha brand motorcycle went viral on social media. Despite this, no one met the biker in real life, and his identity was still a mystery.
According to the report of Independent Turkish, an interesting detail in a photo shared by the biker on February 11 attracted the attention of social media users. When the photo taken from the rear of the motorcycle was zoomed in, the reflection of the person taking the photo was visible in the vehicle mirror. The person seen in the reflection was a middle-aged man.
A debate started about the identity of the biker. The magazine show “Monday Late Show” in Japan did not let go of the event. The program host followed the driver on the road in the live broadcast and asked him to approach him and take off his helmet. Everyone on the show was stunned as the driver took off his helmet.
The biker, who learned that his name was Zonggu, said that he used the photo editing and face change program called FaceApp. The 50-year-old man stated that “he did such a thing to become famous on social media.”
Ironically, Zonggu became much more famous when his true identity was revealed.
Some praised the man’s success in using photo editing programs, while others said he would never trust anything they saw on social media.

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