The number of deaths from Covid-19 worldwide exceeded 2.5 million

The nurse crisis in the UK | NTV

Speaking to the BBC, Patricia Marquis, Southeast England Regional Officer of the Royal College of Nursing (NRS), made evaluations about the raise offer offered to healthcare workers within the scope of the government’s budget regulations.

Criticizing the 1 percent raise offer to nurses, Marquis warned that a significant number of nurses who found the offer inadequate could leave their jobs when the Covid-19 epidemic ended, and that this situation could further push the National Health Service (NHS), which had a shortage of 40,000 nurses when the epidemic started.

“This slap from the government strengthened the nurses’ feeling that the government and some of the people did not value them enough,” Marquis said. used the expression.

Susan Graham, a nurse living in the city of Kent, noted that the hike offered to NHS officers working under intense overtime pressure during the Covid-19 outbreak was “disgraceful”.

“The government is pleased with our work by risking our lives, but against getting a sufficient pay for our work.” Using the testimony, John Anderson, a nurse at the hospital in the East Sussex area, said the proposed hike caused “a great deal of disappointment”.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock defended the 1 percent wage hike they offered to healthcare workers yesterday at the Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 at a press conference.

“The wage increase reflects the difficult financial conditions of the country due to the epidemic. We suggested what we thought was appropriate to get NHS employees to get a raise,” Hancock said. he used the expressions.

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