The number of internet users in 2020 exceeded 4.5 billion

The number of internet users in 2020 exceeded 4.5 billion

According to WeAreSocial data, the number of internet users in the global has been determined. Internet users in 2020 were recorded as 4 billion 538 million. While the use of the Internet has become more widespread over the years, it was recorded that this number was 2 billion 831 million in 2015 and 3 billion 753 million in 2018.

While the world average of the daily time spent on the Internet was 6 hours and 43 minutes, it was observed that this time was 7 hours 29 minutes in Turkey. Thus, the daily time spent on the internet in Turkey was above the world average.

The country that spent the most time on the internet was the Philippines with 9 hours and 45 minutes. While the rate of those who use the internet from the phone is quite high; 4 billion 18 million were found to use mobile internet.
He examined the number of news reflected in the media related to the internet by the media monitoring institution.

According to the information compiled by Ajans Press from the digital press archive, it was determined that 217,442 news related to the internet have been reflected in the media since the beginning of 2020. While there was a lot of news, with COVID-19, the progress of many things online showed how important the internet is.

Thus, the number of news related to e-commerce sites was 24 thousand 895, while the number of couriers in the press, which has a great importance in our lives for the last 1 year with online shopping, was seen as 5 thousand 186.

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