The New York Times: the US prepares to carry out a cyber operation against Russia

The New York Times: the US prepares to carry out a cyber operation against Russia

It has been claimed that the Joe Biden administration in the USA is preparing to respond to Russia’s “Solar Winds” cyber attacks in the coming weeks with a series of cyber operations and economic sanctions.

On the one hand, the Biden administration, which is trying to determine the damage caused by a cyber attack alleged to be done by China and estimated to have access to the information of 30 thousand organizations via Microsoft, is expected to take the first cyber step against Russia.

According to the report of the American New York Times, which is based on the US officials, “Russian President Vladimir Putin will take the first big step, including a series of secret operations against the Russian army and intelligence services, in the next three weeks.”

It was stated that this step will also be accompanied by a series of economic sanctions, while it was suggested that Biden would order federal government networks to be consolidated against cyber attacks with a presidential decree.

It was among the allegations that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who was stated to restrict drone attack authorizations last week, gave some instructions on cyber security in the secret instruction sent to the Pentagon.

While the entire content of the instructions, which partially leaked to the press, was not shared with the public, it was noted that the authorization given by former President Donald Trump to the US Cyber ​​Security Command in August 2018 was not restricted.

The report, which alleged that the Cyber ​​Security Command is currently working on some options, suggests that these options will include cyber operations against Russia and China.

In the USA, on December 18, 2020, a cyber security company called Fiber Eye announced that it had cyber access to its database.

In the investigation, it was announced that cyber access was provided to many federal institutions, including several ministries, and federal government-related organizations, and that this was regulated by Russian cyber pirates.

After the announcement of Fiber Eye, it was revealed that cyber access to the digital infrastructure of the US federal government has been taking place for months.

Last week, Microsoft announced that it had access to the e-mail application Microsoft Exchange.

While the US administration has not yet directly blamed anyone, it was claimed that this attack was carried out by China.

Cyber ​​security experts estimate that 30,000 organizations using Microsoft e-mail service may have been affected by this attack.

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