The Islamic Union's condemnation against Israel

The Islamic Union’s condemnation against Israel

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has called on the international community to “stop Israel’s attacks on Palestinians”.

Secretary General of the OIC, Yusuf bin Ahmed al-Useymin, made a statement after a virtual meeting held at the level of foreign ministers to discuss the latest developments in Palestine at the request of Saudi Arabia.

Useymin called on the international community to “assume its moral, humanitarian and legal responsibility” and demanded that “Israel’s attacks and systematic violations against the Palestinian people, their saints, their properties and their rights recognized by international law be stopped”.

Useymin noted the following:

“Attacks, as well as confiscating Palestinians’ property, calling on right-holders to evacuate their legitimate rights, do not serve the peace process. On the contrary, it hinders sincere efforts to reach a fair, comprehensive and lasting solution.”


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