The "double mutant" Covid-19 variant was seen in 104 people in the UK

The “double mutant” Covid-19 variant was seen in 104 people in the UK

British Health Minister Matt Hancock made evaluations about the latest situation of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country at the press conference at the Prime Ministry Office Number 10.

Hancock noted that “step by step” the return to normal life has begun in the country and the vaccination program prevented more than 10 thousand people from dying due to Covid-19.

Reminding that they started a “widespread test campaign” to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Hancock stated that free Covid-19 tests are distributed in 9 out of every 10 pharmacies in the country.

Hancock reported that since January, when the highest figures were seen in the UK, there has been a 98 percent decrease in the number of people who died due to Covid-19 and a 96 percent decrease in the number of cases.


Stating that the “double mutant” variant of Covid-19, which first appeared in India and later appeared in the US state of California, was seen in 104 people in the country, Hancock shared the information that most of them are related to international travel.

Stating that scientists in the country are working on whether the “double mutant” develops resistance against the vaccines, Hancock added that the obligation to wear a mask in the country may continue after June 21, when all Covid-19 restrictions are planned to be lifted.

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