'Heat dome' scorches Canada: Loss of life increased to 719

The death toll from extreme heat in Canada has been updated to 808

In the statement made by the British Columbia Forensic Medicine Institute, the number of deaths, which was previously announced as 719 for the period covering June 25-July 1 due to the extreme heat in British Columbia province, has been updated to 808.

In the statement, stating that the “deadliest day” in extreme heat was June 29, it was stated that the temperature of 46.9 degrees Celsius recorded in the village of Lytton on this date was a “new record” for Canada, and 300 of the 808 deaths recorded were recorded on June 29.

According to the agency, the average number of deaths reported in the state during the same period of the last 5 years was 198.

Lisa Lapointe, the head of the British Columbia Forensic Medicine Institute, announced in a written statement on July 3 that a total of 719 people died from extreme heat across the province during the 25 June-1 July period.


While Lisa Lapointe pointed out that most of the dead were elderly people, she drew attention to the fact that most of these people lived in houses with inadequate ventilation and lived alone.

Repeating her call to the public, Lapointe said, “Check in with the elderly living in your neighborhood as often as possible.” gave advice.

On the other hand, the international climate scientist group World Weather Attribution, which studies the extreme heat in Western Canada, described the events as “extremely rare”.

The group warned that extreme heatwaves like this will become more likely as global temperatures rise.

Canada’s western provinces have been under the influence of extreme heat since the last week of June.

Extreme heat also causes forest fires at hundreds of different points in the region.

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