The British Royal family allegedly discriminated against the court until the late 1960s

The British Royal family allegedly discriminated against the court until the late 1960s

According to the news of The Guardian, some documents in the UK National Archives, Royal familyIt revealed that “non-white immigrants or foreigners” from ethnic minority backgrounds were prohibited from holding official positions until the late 1960s.

in February 1968 Queen Elizabeth IIThe documents, which include the meetings of the chief financial officer of ‘s chief financial officer with other royals, show that “non-white immigrants or foreigners” were not brought to the civil service at Buckingham Palace, these people were assigned to more ordinary jobs.

The documents also shed light on how Buckingham Palace negotiated controversial articles that exempt the Queen and her family from laws against racial and gender discrimination.

It was reported that it was unclear when the practice ended because Buckingham Palace refused to answer questions on the subject, and it was noted that the practice lasted at least until 1968.

On the other hand, in a statement made by the Palace, it was stated that records from the 1990s showed that people from ethnic minority backgrounds worked for the Queen, but employment data for the past decades were not preserved.


Daughter of a black mother and a white father Prince Harry‘s wife Meghan MarkleIn an interview broadcast on American CBS television in March, she told her son about the pregnancy process, “When I was pregnant, they didn’t want my baby to be a prince or a princess. They said that my baby wouldn’t be safe. They were talking about how dark his skin color would be when my son was born, and they were worried about it.”

Prens William Regarding the interview in which his brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle accused the Royal family of racism, “We are definitely not a racist family.” had used the phrase.

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