World's biggest rabbit 'Darius' kidnapped: 11 thousand lira reward for those who found it

The biggest rabbit in the world, “Darius”, owned by the old Playboy model, was kidnapped: 11 thousand lira reward to those who found it

Edwards, a 68-year-old mother, said she was deeply saddened by the disappearance of the 10-year-old rabbit and that the police were looking for Darius everywhere. However, so far no details regarding the suspects have been found.


However, Edwards said that raising such a large rabbit is a difficult process, and that he spent about $ 7,000 a month (about 57,000 Turkish Liras) to provide them with the necessary nutrients. The old model, who said that Lewis and Daisy May, the offspring of Darius, both exceeded 120 centimeters, said that they also expected a new world record for them.

On the other hand, West Mercia Police Spokesperson Daren Riley confirms that they are investigating rabbit theft, saying, “We want to inform about the theft of a prize-winning rabbit from his home in Stoulton, Worcestershire. We think the continental giant rabbit was stolen from the enclosure of the owners’ property on the night of Saturday 10 April – Saturday 11 April. The incident. We continue the investigation, “he said.


Darius’s work, by the way, is not the first tragedy to happen to one of Edwards’ rabbits. In 2017, Darius ‘son, Simon, who was later predicted to be the world’s largest rabbit, died mysteriously during United Airlines’ flight from London to the USA.

United Airlines was later sued by Simon’s prospective buyers in Iowa.

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