The allegation that 'Russian mercenaries executed civilians in the Central African Republic'

The allegation that ‘Russian mercenaries executed civilians in the Central African Republic’

It was alleged that the Russian mercenary force Wagner Group “raped women and children” and “tortured civilians to death in the mosque” during their raid on the mosque in Bambari, Central African Republic (OAC).

According to the news in the OAC press, Wagner Group soldiers raided the Al-Taqwa mosque in the city of Bambari in the Ouaka District of the OAC.

In the news, it was claimed that women and children were raped during the mosque raid, and more than 15 civilians were executed after the torture.


United Nations (UN) human rights experts, in their report published on March 31, reported that the Russian Wagner group, acting with the government, was behind the violent attacks and human rights violations that have been going on since the presidential election on December 27, 2020 in the OAC.

The report stated that the violations included mass executions, arbitrary detentions, torture during interrogation, forced displacement of the civilian population, indiscriminate targeting of civilian facilities, violations of the right to health, and increased attacks on humanitarian aid actors.

It was also highlighted in the report that there was no investigation and accountability mechanism for these abuses.

The OAC and Russian officials signed a military agreement in August 2018 to fight together against violence in the country. With the agreement, Russian forces had the authority to train OAC soldiers on security.

Wagner’s mercenaries operate in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Libya and Mozambique to train local armies, protect important names, fight rebel or terrorist groups, and protect gold, diamond and uranium mines at hot spots.

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