Thanks to Erdogan from Egypt |  NTV

Thanks to Erdogan from Egypt | NTV

According to the written statement made by the Prime Ministry of Egypt, Prime Minister Medbuli, who attended the 10th Summit Meeting of the Developing Eight Countries (D-8) Organization, made a speech on behalf of President Abdulfettah es-Sisi.

Medbuli stated that his country attaches importance to strengthening the cooperation between the D-8 Organization in order to achieve common interests and goals.

Egyptian Prime Minister Medbuli said, “I would like to thank Mr. President Erdogan for his country’s efforts in the D-8 Term Presidency.” said.

Noting that Egypt attaches great importance to participating in the activities of the organization in order to strengthen existing and future cooperation in order to strengthen the links in the areas of common interest and to tackle the increasing challenges under current exceptional circumstances, Medbuli said: He highlighted his issues and showed the importance of investing in human capital as well as reinforcing the importance of economic sectors that can provide rapid recovery. ” He spoke in the form.

Stating that it is necessary to make collective efforts more than ever to carry this cooperation to the desired horizons, Medbuli said, “Special attention should be paid to the promotion of trade between the world and the member countries that make up only 7 percent of our total trade.” used the expression.

In the 10th Summit Meeting of the D-8 Organization, hosted by Bangladesh and with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the “2020-2030 D-8 Ten-Year Road Map” was accepted and a statement regarding the meeting was published.

Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and consisting of Pakistan D-8 countries, adopted at today’s summit of D-8 Decade Get the Sitemap the organization is aiming to make it more powerful and sophisticated.

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