Test found in Japan that can detect Covid-19 in 5 minutes

Test found in Japan that can detect Covid-19 in 5 minutes

According to the news of the public broadcaster NHK, researchers from Japan’s RIKEN research institute and Tokyo University have found a new method to detect Covid-19.

Accordingly, the samples taken as part of the test are placed on a glass plate with one million indentations per square centimeter.

The recesses of the glass plate created with microscopic forming technology serve as micro test chambers with separators in each.

If a sample placed on it is detected to carry ribonucleic acid (RNA) belonging to Covid-19, light is emitted from that test room.

Unlike traditional methods, in which Covid-19 RNA is replicated and takes at least one, small amounts of viruses can be detected within 5 minutes through micro chambers in the new method.

Rikiya Watanabe, a principal investigator at RIKEN, said the method, which includes simple and rapid testing, does not involve complex processes and can be used by healthcare institutions if commercialized.

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