Temperature alert in the US: 'Emergency' declared

Temperature alert in the US: ‘Emergency’ declared

While the US National Meteorological Service warned of the danger of death for the extreme heat wave that affected 50 million people in the west and south of the country, an “emergency” was declared in California, one of the states most affected by the heat.

California Governor Gavin Newsom noted that under the heat wave, which averaged around 43 degrees Celsius across the state, they went into an emergency until Sunday due to the concern in their electrical systems.

Climate scientist Park Williams from the University of California told CNN, drawing attention to the drought in the region, “Extreme heat waves are getting worse on the west side due to the dryness of the soil. We can see 4-5 extreme heat waves like this until the end of summer.” he said.

In the national park, known as Death Valley, the hottest spot in the state, it was recorded that the temperature rose above 54 degrees Celsius.

Apart from California, it was warned that the temperatures reached record levels on a daily basis in neighboring states such as Arizona, Utah, Montana and Idaho, and that the extreme heat would be dangerous at the weekend.

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