Suspension of face-to-face training protested in Argentina

Suspension of face-to-face training protested in Argentina

Hundreds of people gathered at the Obelisco obelisk in the center of the capital Buenos Aires at the call of the oppositionists, demonstrated against the government of Argentina President Alberto Fernandez and the measures taken after the Covid-19 epidemic started to rise in the country.

The demonstrators, holding banners such as “Yes to face-to-face education”, “Open the schools”, shouted anti-government slogans.

Demonstrations were also held in front of the presidential residence, Olivos Mansion, as well as in various locations in Buenos Aires. The demonstrations continued until late.

Argentine President Fernandez recently announced that a series of new measures were taken against the epidemic on April 15, as the Kovid-19 cases reached the highest levels in the country.

Among the measures, there are restrictions such as the suspension of face-to-face training that started under Kovid-19 measures on February 17, curfews between 20.00-06.00 and the closure of shopping centers.

Fernandez announced that the new measures were valid for the capital Buenos Aires, where approximately 15 million people live, and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), which includes 40 districts of the province of Buenos Aires, the country’s most crowded and most affected by the Kovid-19 outbreak.


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