Support from the Pope to US President Biden

Support from the Pope to US President Biden

Pope Franciscus, President of the Vatican, who sent a video message to the event called “Vax Live: Reunifying the World” for young people, said that by abandoning individuality, it is necessary to encourage the common good.

In his speech, the Pope supported the proposal previously made by US President Joe Biden to waive intellectual property rights for corona virus vaccines:

“For this we need a spirit of justice that will mobilize us to ensure universal access to the vaccine and the temporary suspension of intellectual property rights.”

The spiritual leader of the Catholic realm noted the need for unity that allows for a more inclusive, egalitarian and sustainable economic model.


Defining the Corona virus as a ‘cultural virus’, the Pope emphasized that one of the other variants of the virus is ‘closed nationalism’, which prevents the sharing of vaccines and places market laws or intellectual property rights on the health of others with love.

The US administration changed its country’s stance on intellectual property rights regarding vaccines during the week and expressed its support for the idea of ​​abolishing these rights.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed their readiness to discuss this idea, which is supported by the United States.


One of the founders of the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech, Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin, on the other hand, noted that it is not the right way to give up intellectual property to increase the production capacity of Covid-19 vaccines, instead, production licenses should be given.

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