Hundreds of ships are waiting in Suez (daily loss 15 billion dollars)

Suez Canal partially opened on day 7: Ship Ever Given floated

Suez Canal partially opened on day 7: Ship Ever Given floated

Efforts to re-float the mega container ship Ever Given, owned by Evergreen company, which got stuck in the Suez Canal, were successful. The ship was able to be floated after 7 days of work. After the works, while the ship was floated, an area was opened for the passage of other ships. Although the traffic in Suez is limited, it has been reopened.

Rescue efforts of the huge container ship that closed the Suez Canal to maritime traffic yielded results.
As of Sunday morning, 27,000 cubic meters of sand had been pulled from under the ship; A depth of 18 meters has been reached.
However, the resurfacing of the ship carrying about 20 thousand containers could not be achieved. With the work that continued on the seventh day, the flotation works were successful.
Two more tugboats participated in the rescue efforts on the sixth day9. Thus, the number of tugboats that intervened to rescue the ship from its stuck place and move it again increased to 14.
A heap of rocks was found under the bow of the huge 400-meter-long ship. The rocky area made the rescue operation difficult.
If the ship could not be moved by tugboats, it was planned to reduce its load.
Egyptian President Abdulfettah Sisi had ordered preparations for the evacuation of the containers.
Cranes had to be transported to the area in order to unload the ship. Since the evacuation process would take time, it would prolong the time the channel was closed.
Ships had not been able to cross the Suez Canal since Tuesday, with more than 350 ships waiting to cross.
The channel loses $ 14-15 million each day it is down. Channel officials announced that it was not only the strong wind that caused the ship to run aground, and the possibility of human-induced or technical error was not ruled out within the scope of the investigation.
It was announced that there was no mechanical problem in the preliminary investigation. A power outage was mentioned in a report.
It was revealed that the mega-ship “Ever Given” had an accident in Hamburg, Germany in 2019. There are also images of the accident in the Elbe River. The images show that a 220 thousand-ton ship crashed into an empty passenger boat waiting at the pier.

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