Still 1 in 4 people in the USA is against the Covid-19 vaccine

Still 1 in 4 people in the USA is against the Covid-19 vaccine

In the survey conducted by Monmouth University, it was revealed that while Covid-19 vaccination activities were progressing rapidly in the USA, 25 percent of the people of the country were still against the vaccine.

“Roughly 60 percent of the respondents are reluctant to be vaccinated, while roughly 60 percent are satisfied with the spread of the vaccine. Although not as much as a year ago, the state and federal health agencies are still largely positive about the fight against the epidemic,” the university’s report said. statements took place.

The report noted that although confidence in the new government of the United States on its ability to contain the epidemic declined slightly, it continued to a large extent.


In the report, it was reported that 21 percent of the American people believe that the society will return to “pre-epidemic normal” by summer, while 40 percent think this will not happen before the end of 2021.

In the report, which was recorded that 27 percent of the society believed that the epidemic conditions would continue after 2021, it was emphasized that a minority of 9 percent had the opinion that life in the USA would never return to normal.

The report also underlined that white Americans who do not want to be vaccinated are much more than other groups.

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