Statement from the Pentagon on the US attack on the Iraq-Syria border

Statement from the Pentagon on the US attack on the Iraq-Syria border

It was reported that the US military forces carried out airstrikes on the facilities used by Iranian-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region, on the orders of President Joe Biden.

In a written statement from the Pentagon, regarding the attack that took place at midnight, “The facilities of the Iranian-backed militias in the Iraq-Syria border region, which carried out unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks against US personnel and facilities in Iraq, were targeted.”

To protect the US personnel of the attack, World War II. In the statement that was made pursuant to the authority of the article, it was noted that:

As evidenced by tonight’s airstrikes, President Biden has made it clear that he will always take action to protect US personnel.


In the statement, it was emphasized that the operation bases and weapons storage facilities of the Iranian forces in two points in Syria and one in Iraq were targeted in the attacks.

Pointing out that US forces were in the region at the invitation of the Iraqi government to help fight Daesh, the statement said the airstrike was carried out to “send a clear deterrent message” to attacks against them.


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