Statement about the audio recording leaked from Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: I am very upset

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a written statement on his Instagram account.

In his statement, Zarif made evaluations about his interview, which was announced to be stolen from the government archives and became the agenda of politics in Iran after it was leaked to a foreign media organization.

Minister Zarif said, “I am very sorry that a theoretical secret speech in which diplomacy and field activities were discussed in order to transfer 8 years of experience to the benefit of the statesmen who will be appointed in the future, became the subject of domestic conflict and personal criticism.”

In his statement, Zarif spoke with “praise” of the former Quds Force Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Kasım Süleymani, and stated that he defended Soleimani, who had been friends for more than 20 years, at international gatherings.


Noting that experts should express their opinions without hesitation on the subjects they know correctly, and self-censorship for the sake of personal comfort and interests would mean betrayal, Zarif said, “I tried to be mujtahid and (the decisions taken by the institutional order) in execution for 40 years in my (political) analysis”.

Pointing out that “soldiers” and “diplomats” are two complementary elements in the field and diplomatic fields in the realization of the country’s policies, Zarif noted that he adhered to his promise to protect the interests of the country and the people of Iran.

Zarif did not mention the statements in the audio recording regarding “Russia’s efforts to block the nuclear deal”.

Iran International, broadcasting in Persian from London, recently released a 3-hour audio recording of Iranian economist Said Leylaz’s conversation with Zarif in March.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed the recording, but announced that the conversation was for the archive, not for broadcast. During the conversation, Zarif made important statements about domestic and foreign politics, criticized the former Quds Force Commander Soleimani, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, for directing foreign affairs diplomacy and stated that “Russia is trying to block the nuclear deal”.

Following the sound recording, conservative newspapers in Iran used headlines targeting Zarif, and calls were made to “resign” from the Iranian Parliament.

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