Spain fourth wave alerts

Spain fourth wave alerts

Spain is one of the countries that feel the effects of the corona virus, which has blockaded all countries of the world. In the country where the number of cases is on the rise, Fernando Simon, Director of the Spanish Ministry of Health Health Alerts and Emergency Situations Coordination Center, stated that the corona virus outbreak in Spain gave the fourth wave signal.

In his statements on the subject, Simon said, “It is possible for the fourth wave to occur in the epidemic in Spain. “The progress of the vaccination campaign in Spain will play a critical role in preventing a possible fourth wave from occurring,” he said.

The new type of corona virus in Spain has cost the lives of 141 people in the last 24 hours. However, it was reported that 4 thousand 962 new cases were detected in the country.

According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Health, the total loss of life in the corona virus epidemic increased to 72 thousand 564, while the number of cases increased to 200 thousand 24.

In the country, which has declared since 25 October 2020 due to the Covid19 outbreak, the measures taken by local governments in coordination with the central government have reduced the number of new cases and casualties.

The government has decided that regional quarantine and free restrictions between autonomous administrations will continue in regions where the epidemic is intense until the end of the Easter holiday (27 March-4 April). At the same time, the night curfew imposed throughout the country continues.


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