Some children's bodies were allegedly cremated at a boarding school in Canada.

Some children’s bodies were allegedly cremated at a boarding school in Canada.

In Canada, a march of respect was organized by the Brantford Area Native Support Center for children who lost their lives while staying in boarding church schools.

Thousands of Canadians gathered in the garden of the Brantford Community Center building and marched to the Mohawk Boarding School from noon.

One of the marchers, Doug Enhug, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that his father was also staying at the Mohawk Boarding School.

Asked whether there were any unnamed graves at the Mohawk Boarding School, Enhug said, “They won’t find anything there. Because they burned the bodies. I heard from a survivor from that school. He saw them cremating a body in the crematorium. I heard his stories from my father many times. Besides, the school site was 1200 at that time. More than acres. About 40 acres now. What would they find if they searched?” gave the answer.

Rebecca Wilson, director of the Brantford Area Indigenous Support Center, who organized the march, said: “There is a crematorium in the building. I have heard many stories of them destroying their ‘garbage’ there. We still support a search in the area. We will never know until we call.” said.

Free cold water was distributed by mosque officials to the participants passing by the Brantford Islamic Center.

Three separate motorcycle groups, the most crowded members of the region, also supported the march, where the local police took precautions.

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