Sicilian 'human butcher' mafia released after 25 years in prison: 'This is not justice'

Sicilian ‘human butcher’ mafia released after 25 years in prison: ‘This is not justice’

Mafia member Giovanni Brusca, who killed the anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three police officers while they were driving on the highway in Italy in 1992, leading to the Capaci Massacre, was caught in 1996 and sent to prison.

After the release of Giovanni Brusca, who was responsible for more than 150 murders, including the acid melting of the son of a 14-year-old mafia informant, 25 years later, the relatives of the victims and the public reacted.


Two months after the death of Prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, with the death of anti-mafia judge Paolo Borsellino, the sentence of Cosa Nostra member Brusca, who escaped four years from operations against mafia members in Italy and was later caught, was reduced for collaborating with the state, and It was reported that he was released for this reason.

The Cosa Nostra attack, which was seen as one of the most notorious members of the Sicilian-based mafia organization, was known by nicknames such as “human butcher” and “pig” because of the murders it committed.

It was stated that Brusca, whose sentence was reduced for telling the state by detailing that several murders carried out in the 1980s and 1990s was carried out by Cosa Nostra, informed prosecutors about a major bombing.


“Let’s not forget that Brusca gave information about the bombings in both Sicily and Italy,” Federico Cafiero De Raho, Italy’s chief anti-mafia prosecutor, told Reuters. used.

As reactions to the release of Cosa Nostra member Giovanni Brusca escalated, Rosaria Costa, the wife of one of the police officers who died in the Capaci Massacre, where prosecutor Falcone died, said: “She only cooperated with justice to benefit, it was not a personal and sincere choice.”


Prosecutor Falcone’s sister, Maria Falcone, said they were “sorry” to the news, but the law gave Brusca the right to be released from prison.

While Italian politicians also reacted to the decision, right-wing League party leader Matteo Salvini, who received high approval in opinion polls recently, said, “This is not the ‘justice’ that Italians deserve.”

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