Serbia started to vaccinate neighboring country citizens against Covid-19

Serbia started to vaccinate neighboring country citizens against Covid-19

Upon Serbia’s announcement that citizens of other countries who come to vaccination centers by making an online appointment until Monday, March 29, can be vaccinated, the country’s borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia have intensified.

Citizens of neighboring countries, complaining that vaccination studies were delayed in their own countries, decided to come to the capital Belgrade at the weekend and take advantage of Serbia’s opportunity.

A woman who came from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina to get the Covid-19 vaccine, said that she made an appointment through the e-appointment page created by the Serbian government for those who want to be vaccinated and came to the fair area in Belgrade at the time told to her.

An unscheduled person from the city of Banja Luka also said he decided to come to Serbia because he did not know when the vaccination was coming to him.

A journalist from North Macedonia stated that he made an appointment one month before the e-appointment page to check whether Serbia’s statement that foreigners can also be vaccinated is correct and that he came to Belgrade after receiving a positive response.

On the other hand, Mihailo Jovanovic, who is in charge of the e-appointment system, called on citizens of neighboring countries not to come to Serbia without making an appointment.

Jovanovic reminded that foreign citizens who do not have a residence permit in Serbia can also be vaccinated via e-appointment.


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